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This Platform aims at providing comprehensive guidance on financial options available for climate action in developing countries. Here you can find information on where to access the wide range of funds available from multilateral and bilateral institution, as well as public and private sources. Learn more on how these funds are governed and whether your project is eligible. Users are invited to be a resource to share their experiences with investment projects and offer feedback and comments on ongoing projects.

Funding Sources

Find funding sources that are available for both adaptation and mitigation projects that reduce impacts of climate change. See whether your project is eligible, how the fund is structured, and how your organisation can access financing.

On the Ground

Learn about projects from across the world and a range of sectors that have accessed these funds successfully. They have used a mix of these instruments innovatively and can serve as case studies for those waiting to hit the ground.

Knowledge Center

Access and leverage the latest climate finance information with a library of targeted financial documents and project guides, a compilation of online tools for financial and project analysis and much more in our knowledge center.