UNDP, World Bank & ministries hold workshop in Hanoi to design CFO Platform for Viet Nam

First nationally-focussed Climate Finance Options Platform kicks off design process in Hanoi

Bringing together local NGOs, businesses, and academics, the Viet Nam country offices of UNDP and the World Bank hosted a full-day design workshop to establish a nationally-focussed CFO Platform for Viet Nam (CFO-VN). Launched under the auspices of the National Green Growth Strategy adopted in September 2012, the forthcoming knowledge platform will allow for increased collaboration and discussion of climate finance topics throughout Viet Nam.

The platform will be designed and built by UNDP and World Bank local offices with the backstopping of the Planning & Infrastructure (MPI) and Natural Resources & Environment (MONRE) ministries. Once the design and construction of the platform is complete, MPI will assume managerial responsibilities for the platform with support from MONRE. 

Over 70 participants attended the event, with registered guests from the National Assembly, local and regional NGOs, private firms, academic think tanks and international development professionals. The morning plenary session was followed by an afternoon of small discussions in working groups where participants brainstormed about the types of tools and information the Viet Nam version of the CFO Platform should feature beyond what is already present on the global version. The CFO-VN will also include Vietnamese translations of all relevant content from the global platform.

This first phase, a stocktaking exercise of climate finance information available for the Viet Nam context, will align with the recently launched, joint UNDP-World Bank Climate Public Expenditure & Institutional Review (CPEIR) for Viet Nam. Alex Heikens, Regional Climate Change Policy Advisor at the UNDP Asia-Pacific Regional Centre in Bangkok explained that anywhere from 3%-15% of national budgets in studied countries are funding climate-related programmes and projects. CFO-VN team will have the opportunity to build off the knowledge captured in the Viet Nam CPEIR, while adding in resources from the private sector as well as those from international partners.

The CFO-VN is expected to be launched later in 2013.