Dr. Pema Choephyel (Mr.)


This is an official funding.

Bhutan Trust Fund for Environmental Conservation

Total Amount $2.65 million
Financing Mechanisms Grant
Qualifying Projects Adaptation , Mitigation, Agriculture , Climate-Resilient , Energy , Energy Efficiency , Forestry , Fugitive Methane , Low-Carbon , Natural Resource Management , Renewable Energy , Sustainable Land Management , Waste Management , Water

Agencies of the Royal Government, local NGOs, grassroots communities and Bhutanese individuals are eligible for support. Prospective grant projects should not exceed $300,000 or last longer than three years.

Funding Objectives

The Bhutan Trust Fund for Environmental Conservation (BTFEC) is an independent grant-making organization that uses its annual investment income to finance conservation activities. Grants are awarded to eligible Bhutanese individuals and institutions based on one of several programme areas as defined in the strategic plan. Its conservation grants support environmental programs and build local capacity to manage forests and protected areas, improve awareness and public support for conservation, and integrate economic development with environmental conservation to ensure a sustainable future for Bhutan. Generally speaking, BTFEC funding supports in-situ and ex-situ conservation initiatives in the entire green sector including sustainable utilization of genetic and species resources; strengthening integrated conservation and development planning through applied conservation research and monitoring of biodiversity changes; and promoting conservation education and awareness of conservation policies and issues.

Financing Mechanisms

As an independent grant-making organization, the BTFEC uses its annual investment income to finance conservation activities. Grants are awarded to eligible Bhutanese individuals and institutions based on stated programme focus areas.

Application Procedures

Grant seekers are advised to write a brief letter of inquiry to determine if the trust fund’s present interests and funds permit consideration of the request. The letter should include:

  • Purpose for which funds are being requested
  • Environmental problems the project will address
  • Information about the organization or individual conducting the project
  • Estimated budget and duration for which funds are requested Contact information of the main grant seeker
  • All government grant seekers have to route their proposals through the Gross National Happiness Commission.

After receiving the letter, trust fund staff may ask the grant seeker to submit a formal proposal using prescribed application forms. In addition, potential applicants should be aware of the following important pieces of information:

  • Proposals must be submitted by 31 December (for spring meeting) or 31 May (for fall meeting) for review by the Technical Advisory Panel
  • Proposals recommend by the Technical Advisory Panel will be submitted to the Board for funding approval
  • Proposals must address one or more of the BTFEC strategic funding objectives
  • Funding decision-making will occur at semi-annual meetings of the management board
  • The BTFEC fiscal year is 1 July through 30 June

For more information, please see the grant-seekers guidelines on the BTFEC website.