Claire Meyer


This is an official funding.

Interact Climate Change Facility (ICCF)

Total Amount EUR 400 million
Financing Mechanisms Equity
Qualifying Projects Mitigation , Technology, Energy , Energy Efficiency , Industry , Low-Carbon , Renewable Energy

Any private sector operation in developing countries (African Caribbean Pacific countries, Asian and Latin American countries) in the sector of climate change proposed by any of the EDFI shareholders is eligible for ICCF funding.

Funding Objectives

The objective of ICCF is to demonstrate the attractiveness of investments in the climate sector in developing countries, and catalyze long-term investments, especially in the energy sector. The ICCF will

  • Support sustainable development;
  • Promote energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy;
  • Use clean technologies as part of economic development.
Financing Mechanisms

When approved, the ICCF will finance 75% of the operation (to a maximum of EUR 45 million). The EDFI shareholder that proposed the operation will finance the remaining 25%.

Application Procedures

Private sector operations seeking ICCF funding have to be submitted by an EDFI member (and ICCF shareholder). The project proposal is submitted by the developer, no EDFI members are involved in the project proposal development.

The approval of an EDFI member has to be obtained before the project proposal can be presented to the ICCF Investement Committee by the EDFI member in question.  

EDFI members are: CDC (United Kingdom), COFIDES (Spain), DEG (Germany), FINNFUND (Finland), FMO (the Netherlands), NORFUND (Norway), OeEB (Austria), PROPARCO (France), SIFEM (Switzerland) and SWEDFUND (Sweden).