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This is an official funding.

UNDP/Spain MDG Achievement Fund

Total Amount 90 million USD in climate change thematic window
Financing Mechanisms Grant , ODA
Qualifying Projects Adaptation , Capacity Building , Mitigation , Technology, Agriculture , Coastal Zone Management , Forestry , Populations & Human Settlements , Renewable Energy , Sustainable Land Management , Water

Select countries and members of the UN Development Group.

Funding Objectives

The Fund finances collaborative activities that leverage value-added programs of the UN in the sector and country concerned, particularly in addressing multi-dimensional development challenges. In terms of climate change, the Fund increases access to new financing mechanisms and enhances capacity for climate adaptation. The Fund aims to accelerate progress towards:

  1. Supporting policies and programs that promise significant and measurable impact on select MDGs;
  2. Financing the testing and scaling-up of successful pilot programs;
  3. Catalyzing innovations in development practice; and
  4. Adopting mechanisms that improve the quality of financing aid.
Financing Mechanisms

All financing through the MDG Achievement fund is considered ODA and will take the form of grant-based aid. Funds are channelled via the UNDP Multi-Donor Trust Fund to the UN Organizations that participate in the joint programs. Implementation is often done in partnership with or entirely through local parties, although any activity must be endorsed by the national government counterpart.

Application Procedures

In response to the Fund request for proposals, UN country offices submit a project concept note, assessed by the responsible UN agency (the “Convenor”) and a technical subcommittee consisting of representatives from FAO, UNDP and the World Bank as well as five independent experts plus two experts nominated by Spain. The concept notes are rated and submitted for approval to the MDG-F Steering Committee via the MDG-F Secretariat. Once approved, the concept note is then formulated into a joint program through a consultative process with national government and civil society partners, which is then approved by the National Steering Committee. These are reviewed and rated by the MDG-F Secretariat and an independent expert and the approved by the members of the MDG-F Steering Committee. Funds are released on an annual basis through the Multi-Donor Trust Fund.

Non-governmental actors such as think tanks, NGOs, academia, private sector entities and civil society institutions are often key players in project implementati